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Equipment Hire
Access Lifts
Automotive Tools & Equipment
Building Site Equipment
Cleaning & Pumping
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Handling Lifting & Ladders
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MULTIHIRE is a family business, primarily offering equipment for rental to most situations.

The Quality Policy of MULTIHIRE is to ensure the supply of well maintained and serviced equipment to meet the demanded expectations of all our customers. At MULTIHIRE we believe customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. Customer satisfaction is not only achieved by offering well maintained, up to date machinery, but also a conscious effort by all staff and management to provide an environment that makes doing business here rewarding and fulfilling.

Company Policy demands standards be set, achieved and maintained with respect to MULTIHIRE's Quality Policy. These standards are based on AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994. An expanded format for MULTIHIRE's ongoing commitment to Quality Assurance is detailed fully in our Quality Manual.

The object of this policy is to ensure our customers have complete confidence in MULTIHIRE's ability to meet their requirements, and to develop the involvement and commitment by management and staff as we believe is fundamental to our long term success.

Dorothy H.Smith