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Equipment Hire
Access Lifts
Automotive Tools & Equipment
Building Site Equipment
Cleaning & Pumping
Compressor, Tools & Spraying
Generators Welding & Lighting
Handling Lifting & Ladders
Landscape & Gardening
Plumbing & Draining
Power Tools
Scaffold, Trestles & Planks
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Brick and Tile Elevator
   Absolutly essential for all building sites. Brick, block, roofing tiles. These units come standard with all the built in safety features.
Barricade Boards
   Just part of our extensive range of safety equipment. Remember your duty of care.
Hazard Lights Flashing
   Flashing lights, delineators, witches hats, reflector strips. While your asleep we keep working.
Road Signs
   The only way to let others know what you're doing, is with a road sign. We carry a full range for all situations in construction.
Safety Signs
   Site warnings are important. Protect yourself with a safety sign. All hazardous situations covered.
   Storm clouds brewing, protect you job site with our heavy duty vinyl tarps. With stitched in ropes, these are a must for all open roof jobs. Measures 7.5m x 11m.
   Don't mess with those smelly straight drop toilets. Install a MULTIHIRE fresh water flush, chemically treated toilet. From around much the same price, and enjoy your break.