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   Where do you start ? If your job requires you to, screw or unscrew, slow start or high speed, hammer or impact, vertical or horizontal, through metal, nonferous, ceramic, masonry or concrete. Just give us a call.
Floor Edge Sander
   For all the hard to get at places, under stairs, around skirting boards. This is the best finishing tool around. Available also as a package with the Drum sander or hired seperately.
Floor Sander - Drum
   Whether you are knocking back an old planked floor, or just fine finishing a new surface. This machine has the ability for fast removal or well balanced control for a ballroom finish. Call us for weekend specials.
Floor Sander - Buff
   When your surface just needs a little touch-up, bring on the 'Buff'. Perfect for resealing cork, vinyls and parquetry. At a fraction of the cost by a 'pro', and the job is done simply and easily.
Floor Stripper
   Resurfacing? Look no further,simply the only machine on the market capable of removing vinyl from either concrete or timber floors. And it saves your knees. But please not on ceramic tiles.
Grinders - 100mm to 230mm
   We carry the full 'Makita' range from 100mm handyman unit, to the big muscled 230mm industrial giant. As well as a full range of accessories on hand.
Impact Wrench
   For the toughest of jobs. Either 1/2", 3/4", or 1" drive. Available in air or 240 volt. We also have a full range of impact sockets to suit any application.
Jack Hammer
   A complete range of breaking equipment to suit any job that arises. From the light weight overhead model. Medium size tradesman unit, to the large industrial strength down hand machine. Our breakers can be powered by 240 volt or air. Also available is a complete ranger of accessories, including - moils, chisels, wide chisels. clay spades.
   Doors, tables, anything. For fast material removal, with accuracy. We carry 3 different sizes, to cover all jobs.
   Trade quality, strong and reliable.
   Multihire carry just about every type of sander available. Belt, disc, orbital, random. Along with a full range of sand paper to suit all machines. Dust extraction units are also available. Just call to find out how we can adapt to your needs.
Shears & Nibblers
   Top of the range models, c/w TC blades for clean efficient cutting. Mild steel - 3.2mm, Stainless - 2.5mm.
Saws - All types
   Multihire justifiably boasts one of Brisbanes largest range of Power tool hire. Powered saws are our specialty. Whatever the material, whatever the situation, we have the machinery, and accessories to enable you a safe completion of your job. Call us with your problem, we'll solve it.
Metal Cutting Saw
   A great circular saw specifically designed for frictionless cutting of sheet metal. No burning, no rust.
Diamond Cutter
   A beaut little diamond saw. Ideal for ac sheeting and ceramics.
Compound Sliding Saw
   When the call is for repetition cutting, set and forget. This saw will work all day, with the same accuracy with the first cut as with the last.
Screw Gun
   No job site should be without one. Cordless or 240 volt. Ideal for Gyprock fastening, metal screwing and ply flooring. The industrial range are quite suitable for roofing and baton screws. Features include - unlimited torque settings, keyless chuck, reversable and slow start up. All add on attachments are available.
Wall Paper Steamer
   Get rid of the seventies look and move into the future. This machine is capable of removing a complete house of wall paper in one weekend.