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Equipment Hire
Access Lifts
Automotive Tools & Equipment
Building Site Equipment
Cleaning & Pumping
Compressor, Tools & Spraying
Generators Welding & Lighting
Handling Lifting & Ladders
Landscape & Gardening
Plumbing & Draining
Power Tools
Scaffold, Trestles & Planks
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Air Compressor
   From portable 6 cfm to 18 cfm, we have the range to suit all handyman and trade situations. Then diversing into the industrial field with trailer mounted, silenced, diesel units. We can supply all the air you need 24 hours a day.
Nail Gun
   Faced with so many different situations each day, that would require nail fixing, one gun just cannot possibly do all the jobs. At MULTIHIRE we carry Brisbane's biggest fleet of air powered nail guns for hire. Framing, flooring, bracing, bradding, finishing, fencing, underlay staplers, upholstery, packaging, furniture. The list goes on. As well as the guns, we stock a full range of nails and staples to suit all possibilities.
Paint Burner
   Electric or Gas, single or double. The quick, clean, economical way to prepare your work piece for a fresh new look.
Airless Spray
   The big sprayer for the biggest jobs for any domestic or industrial application.
Drop Sheets
   Protect the floor and furnishings during your next painting job.